Pianist Back Issues

Issue 98 Oct/Nov 2017

Top tips on how to compose, vital masterclasses on speed and style, plus 40 pages of sheet music including Bach, Chabrier, and Mozart, plus the popular classic: "The Windmills Of Your Mind".

On Sale: 29 September 2017

Digital Edition: £6.99

Issue 97 Aug/Sept 2017

Beginner lessons on legato and staccato, an in-depth lesson on Schumann's lyrical Arabeske, plus 40 pages of sheet music including Schumann, Brahms, Chopin, and the popular song, "Smoke Gets In Your…

On Sale: 28 July 2017

Digital Edition: £6.99

Issue 96 Jun/Jul 2017

Crucial advice on wrist control and perfecting your scales, plus 40 pages of sheet music including Ravel, Handel, JS Bach, and 'Bring Him Home' from the hit musical Les Miserables.

On Sale: 26 May 2017

Digital Edition: £6.99

Issue 95 Apr/May 2017

An exclusive with piano rock legend Rick Wakeman, masterclasses on wrist control, plus 40 pages of sheet music including Corelli and Albeniz, and the Sinatra classic 'The Very Thought Of You'.

On Sale: 31 March 2017

Digital Edition: £6.99

Issue 94 Feb/Mar 2017

New year advice on repeated octaves, a look at the use of Hanon exercises, plus 40 pages of sheet music including Mozart, MacDowell, Debussy, and the ABBA hit 'Thank You For The Music'.

On Sale: 27 January 2017

Digital Edition: £6.99

Issue 93 Dec/Jan 2017

Advice on symmetrical inversion, coping with hearing loss, and 40 pages of sheet music including Bach and Beethoven, plus Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'The Music of the Night' from Phantom of the Opera.

On Sale: 25 November 2016

Digital Edition: £6.99

Issue 92 Oct/Nov 2016

Vital advice on keeping the flow, an interview with Adele's pianist, and 40 pages of sheet music including Clementi, Scriabin, plus Adele's hit single 'Make You Feel My Love'.

On Sale: 30 September 2016

Digital Edition: £6.99

Issue 91 Aug/Sept 2016

An in-depth interview with cover star Yulianna Avdeeva, advice on keeping the balance, and 40 pages including a Chopin Nocturne, a Scarlatti sonata, and rare gems by Bruckner, Glazunov, Saint-Saëns.

On Sale: 29 July 2016

Digital Edition: £6.99

Issue 90 June/July 2016

Top class tips on thumb flexibility, how to improve the finer details of your playing, and 40 pages of sheet music including Satie, and the fabulous 'Over the Rainbow' classic.

On Sale: 27 May 2016

Digital Edition: £6.99

Issue 89 Apr/May 2016

Learn all about The Leggiero Touch, gain expert advice on complex rhythms, plus 40 pages of sheet music including Liszt, Chopin, Schumann and Mozart.

On Sale: 24 March 2016

Digital Edition: £6.99

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