Intermediate Piano Lessons

Get stuck into our huge selection of intermediate-level piano lessons, including masterclasses from internationally acclaimed professional pianists.


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Graham Fitch

The pianist, teacher, writer and adjudicator gives masterclasses and workshops on piano playing internationally. He is also in high demand as a private teacher in London. You can watch Graham's beginner lessons here.

Graham gives piano lessons on:

Piano pedalling techniques

Forearm rotation

Leaps and position changes

Spread chords


Use of the thumb

How to simplify the score

Symmetrical inversion

How to avoid tension in your playing


Wrist movement

Gaining speed

Hand distribution

Practising hands separately

Playing repeated notes

Relaxing the left hand

Correct ways to use the metronome

Useful exercises for weaker fingers

How to start learning a new piece

Organising practice time part 1

Organising practice time part 2

Practice ideas for our pieces part 1

Practice ideas for our pieces part 2

The 20-minute practice session

How to read beyond the notes

Using transposition in piano practice

Improving your left hand playing

How to choose your fingering

Chromatic playing

Musicianship: the meaning behind the music

Creative ways to practise scales

How to improve your arpeggio technique

How to create a beautiful tone

How to perfect your legato fingering

Graham gives further in-depth masterclasses inside each issue of Pianist. Why not try out our FREE sample issue?



Noriko Ogawa

The internationally acclaimed pianist’s career kicked off back in 1987 when she claimed third prize at the Leeds International Piano Competition. She has since performed around the globe with a number of major European, Japanese and US Orchestras, and released over 30 recordings.

Above, she gives masterclasses on:

Debussy’s Arabesque No 1

Chopin’s ‘Minute’ Waltz Op 64 No 1

Erik Satie’s ‘Le Piccadilly’

Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turca

Grieg’s Notturno Op 54 No 4

Brahms’s Hungarian Dance No 5 (duet)



Martin James Bartlett

Warner Classics artist and 2014 BBC Young Musician of the Year Martin James Bartlett appeared on the cover of issue 109 of Pianist back in 2019.

Above, he gives masterclasses on:

Schumann’s Kinderszenen

Gillock’s Holiday in Paris

Elgar’s Chanson de Matin


Emmanuel Despax

A true professional, Frenchman Emmanuel Despax has had a remarkable career to date. Highlights include two critically acclaimed tours of New Zealand, performances with the Birmingham Symphony and BBC Symphony Orchestras, and a handful of successful album releases.

He gives one in-depth masterclass above on Chopin’s Préludes Op 28.



Pavel Kolesnikov

The Russian pianist appeared on the cover of issue 103 of Pianist. He is highly respected among piano critics, consistently gaining 4- and 5-star reviews on new releases. He won the prestigious Honens International Piano Competition back in 2012 and has performed at venues such as Carnegie Hall, Paris’s the Louvre, and Berlin’s Konzerthaus.

He gives one in-depth masterclass above on the Chopin Impromptus.