Improve your playing with our exclusive piano lessons


Grades 0-2 approx. Everything from how to sit correctly at the piano to placement of the five fingers on the keys


Grades 3-5 approx. Lessons on perennial favourites (e.g. a lesson on Debussy's Arabesque No 1 by Noriko Ogawa) to masterclasses on chords, arpeggios, scales, fingering & more – by Graham Fitch


Grades 6-8 approx. Lessons from the experts including polyrhythms, voicing, Chopin's fioritura, complex fingerings, leaps, advanced pedalling, forearm technique and more


Learning Jazz Piano with Dave Jones: A total of six lessons that compliment Dave Jones's six articles inside Pianist magazine (issues 99-104)


Performances by top concert pianists, including our very own house pianist Chenyin Li who plays some of the pieces that have featured inside the magazine

Latest Videos

Our most recent uploaded videos including lessons from concert pianists Noriko Ogawa, Pavel Kolesnikov and Martin James Bartlett

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