Beginner Piano Lessons

Enjoy a variety of beginner piano lessons from our roster of professional piano teachers, with topics ranging from the very basics of hand shape and hand positions, to how to learn a new piece hands together.

You can find a detailed list of the lessons below.

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Declan Cosgrove

Following 10 years of classical tuition, Declan Cosgrove has spent the last 35 years developing piano skills that make learning songs on piano easy, fast and fun. The DecPlay range of piano methods created by Declan has been awarded a patent and has been featured multiple times on the BBC. His online course and piano community has helped thousands of students in over 72 countries to learn piano, many of whom are learning later in life or have struggled with traditional methods. 

With a focus on making the joys of piano accessible to everyone, Declan is passionate about making piano easy for beginners, as well as teaching 'fun' skills to experienced players, such as improvisation, playing by ear and performance skills. 

Above, he gives a lesson on:

Easy ways for beginners to play songs on piano


Penelope Roskell

Penelope is a renowned international performer, inspirational teacher and professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy. She is the author of 'The Complete Pianist' and is the leading UK specialist in healthy piano playing.

She gives a lesson on:

The Principles of Piano Fingering



Graham Fitch

Pianist, teacher, writer and adjudicator Graham Fitch gives masterclasses and workshops on piano playing internationally. He is also in high demand as a private teacher in London. Graham is a regular tutor at the Summer School for Pianists in Walsall and also a tutor for the Piano Teachers’ Course EPTA (UK). He writes a popular piano blog and has launched an online piano academy.

Above, he gives masterclasses on:

Useful exercises for the weaker fingers

Practising without the pedal

How to play piano chords

Accompanying an orchestra

Learning a new piece hands together

Graham writes regularly for Pianist magazine. Why not try us out for FREE with our sample issue?


Tim Stein

Piano teacher and pianist Tim has held teaching posts at both King’s School, Rochester, Kent and the American School in London. Het set up a private teaching studio in Hampstead Garden Suburb (very close to Golders Green, East Finchley or Muswell Hill) where he is much in demand as a private piano teacher.

Above, he gives lessons on:

Seating and posture

Hand shape and hand position

Piano fingering for beginners

Hand and finger independence

Simple warm-up exercise

Geography of the keyboard

Fingering for scales and arpeggios

Piano tone and sound

How to start practising a piece


Aural training

Leaps and large intervals

Chord voicing

How to play chords

Strengthening the left hand



The thumb


Frances Wilson

Frances Wilson is a regular writer for a number of classical music websites, and runs her own blog site – The Cross-Eyed Pianist. 

Above, she gives a three-part masterclass on:

Practising tips

Technique tips

Artistry, expression and enjoyment


John Maul

John has been a professional musician for over 30 years having graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in London in 1987. In the same year he entered and won the Wavendon Allmusic Student Award.  (The Allmusic concept was the brainchild of Sir John Dankworth and Dame Cleo Laine).

Above, the musician and teacher gives lessons on:

Starting to play the piano

Swing style

Czerny studies

Tango style


Various different repertoire