Pianist 130 Feb/Mar 2023

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Leeds International Piano Competition winner Alim Beisembayev stars on the cover! Plus plenty of advice on thumb fingering and preparing for a performance, as well as 40+ pages of scores to learn

On Sale: 20/01/2023

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

 Alim Beisembayev The 2021 Leeds International Piano Competition winner talks to about life after the big win and the challenge of taking on Liszt’s mighty Transcendentals

40+ PAGES OF SCORES 15 scores in total including a sultry bolero from Alfredo Casella, a shimmering tone poem by Amy Beach, a slow ragtime waltz from Scott Joplin and lots more

 Step-by-step lessons Including a fascinating lesson on Rachmaninov's Prelude in G major Op 32 No 5

Masterclass 1 – Mark Tanner on how to prepare for a performance

Masterclass 2 – Graham Fitch on how to get the best out of the thumb

✔ Rachmaninov@150 – As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the great composer's birth, Warwick Thompson takes a fresh look at the life of this brilliant, adored, yet depressive man

 Out of Sight John Evans speaks to two pianists blind from birth on how we can all benefit from listening as intently as they do

✔ Learning the Piano Later Pianist Carlos Gardels looks at the stories of some eminent late starters as inspiration for the late bloomers among us 

 Alexander Malofeev Who is this Russian genius? Zsolt Bognár finds out

 Piano Teacher Help Desk Sounding out repertoire for the smaller hand

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO LESSONS for all levels – from Graham Fitch, Chenyin Li, Tim Stein, Martin James Bartlett and more! Take a look at Graham's latest video lesson below.

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