Two previous Leeds Piano winners to release albums on the same day

04 November 2022
By Ellie Palmer
Eric Lu (2018 winner) and Alim Beisembayev (2021 winner) will both release albums on 2 December via Warner Classics

Two former Leeds Piano Competition winners will release brand-new recordings later this year.

Eric Lu, the 2018 winner, is set to release an album of Schubert that includes Piano Sonatas D.784 & D.959, plus the Allegretto D.915, while Alim Beisembayev, the 2021 winner, will release an album of Liszt's Transcendental Études.


Lu has had a soft spot for the music of Schubert for most of his life, explaining "I have come to the conclusion that he is the composer who moves me most intensely." He continues, "I love Schubert. It is difficult to describe how meaningful his music is to me."


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Beisembayev, the first ever Kazakhstani to win the Leeds Piano Competition, says of Liszt, "The challenge, for me, was the attraction. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to record these pieces."


Both have already released debut singles from their respective albums. Lu's recording of Schubert's Sonata No 20 in A major can be streamed here, while Beisembayev's performance of Liszt's 'Consolations' can be found here.

Both albums will be out on 2 December via Warner Classics.