NEW ISSUE OUT TODAY! Exclusive interview with rock legend Rick Wakeman

31 March 2017
Screen-Shot-2017-03-31-at-09.26.23-16875.png Issue 95
Plus: Piano Restoring, Summer Courses & Festivals Guide 2017, learn 'The Very Thought Of You', masterclasses on the wrist and sounding the note, and much more...

Plus: the facts about Piano Restoring, Summer Courses & Festivals Guide 2017, learn 'The Very Thought Of You', Masterclasses on Control of the Wrist and Sounding the Note, and much more...


SUMMER COURSES & FESTIVALS 2017 GUIDE This issue features our 12-page in-depth guide to the best courses and festivals to attend this summer. Don’t forget – a summer course can do wonders for your piano playing. And there are all types of courses that cater to all levels of playing. Now’s the time to book!


Rick Wakeman adorns our cover. Did you know this famous English keyboardist, songwriter, television and radio presenter, and author was formally trained in classical piano at London’s Royal College of Music? Pianist Editor Erica Worth catches up with him at BBC Broadcasting House before he goes on air. Here they are together right after the interview! 



The 2 Masterclasses:

-Mark Tanner on getting to the bottom of the note

-Graham Fitch on the wrists (don’t forget, Graham demonstrates on his video lesson on the Pianist TV Channel). See below...


The 3 ‘How to Plays’:

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-Beginner lesson on a pleasant study by Streabbog

-Intermediate lesson on Melodie, one of Grieg's Lyric Pieces

-Advanced lesson on Schubert’s Impromptu in A flat D935


Scores include works by Corelli, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Albeniz and more – plus the romantic standard The Very Thought of You’


Other features include a Theory lesson on Ornaments, Piano Restoring, an interview with British pianist Imogen Cooper and more


Tune in to our huge library of lessons to watch (some 70 to date, and forever growing) on the Pianist TV Channel. Plus watch our house pianist Chenyin Li performing many of the pieces that have featured inside the Scores.