The Pianist 2023 Amateur Piano Competition

Competition closed



An online piano competition for amateur pianists age 25+

Submissions accepted from 1 March – 1 July*


Open globally

In association with Yamaha Music Europe

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  • The Pianist 2023 Amateur Piano Competition is now open! We are inviting amateur pianists from around the world to enter this brand-new online competition, right from the comfort of your own home.
  • We are looking for not one, but TWO winners! We have opened two categories for this competition: Classical and Modern. One winner will be chosen from each category. 
  • Prize includes a Yamaha piano worth up to £10,000, plus online exposure to help boost your career! Full details on prizes and how to enter can be found below.



We are on the lookout for pianists who adore playing the piano, but for one reason or another have not made the move up to the professional level. It might be that you are inundated with your day job, or you have a family to take care of, or perhaps a professional career is just not accessible for you due to finances or location. Whatever the reason is, we want to give you the chance to be seen!

Our two winners will receive a brand-new Yamaha piano worth up to £10,000 each, plus a package of online exposure to boost your presence in the piano world... and maybe even kickstart your dream career.

Applicants are required to record a video performance for the competition, which will be submitted alongside an application form. Each entry costs £30 (£25 for Pianist subscribers). Subscribe to Pianist today to get 20% off.

Please continue further down the page for all eligibility information, rules, and terms and conditions.

For any questions about the application process and the competition, please contact Ellie Palmer at [email protected]


  • The Pianist 2023 Amateur Piano Competition is open to pianists of all nationalities and professions.
  • Applicants must have been born on or before 1 March 1998. You will be asked to provide a photocopy of identification in your application form. Please make sure you include this with your application, otherwise your entry will be disqualified. Please upload a JPG/PNG of a photocopy of your ID or Passport when uploading the application form.
  • You must not derive your principle source of income from performance. 
  • You must not be currently studying at a music school and/or music conservatoire. However, if you have considered a professional career at some stage in your life, or have previously attended a music school and/or music conservatoire, you are eligible. These rules are in place to make sure amateur pianists only are applying.




We have two categories open for applicants: Classical and Modern. You can only enter one category. 


  • Your recording should try to display contrasting classical styles with a minimum of two solo pieces (e.g. Classical & Romantic; Baroque & 20th Century; Baroque & Romantic, and so on). You are welcome to offer more than two works as long as the video does not exceed the 15 minute limit.



  • Your recording should try to feature at least two established solo ‘modern’ pieces in a style that you wish. The pieces should not be the applicant’s own compositions. ‘Modern’ is defined as anything from Jazz, Rock, Latin, Salsa, Musicals, Song, Cole Porter, Dave Brubeck, Billy Joel, Blues… you name it! We are looking for a personal and/or improvisatory approach to standard compositions. You are welcome to offer more than two works as long as the video does not exceed the 15 minute limit.


  • The video must be filmed with both the pianist’s hands and face in the frame at all times. Recordings may be paused between each piece if necessary. However, each piece on the video must be a continuous and unedited performance. The video must have been recorded within the last three months.
  • Your video must be submitted as a link within the application form. Details on the format of the video can be found within the application.


The Yamaha U1 (left) and the Yamaha CLP 775

1st place in each category:
  • 1x Yamaha piano worth up to £10,000 (either the Yamaha U1 or the Yamaha CLP 775). Depending on territory, piano models may vary slightly depending on stock availability.
  • A package of online exposure including posts across both Pianist's and Yamaha's social media channels. The package includes having your video performance posted on the Pianist YouTube page to almost 100,000 subscribers, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; an exclusive interview and feature inside a future issue of Pianist magazine.


2nd and 3rd place in each category:
  • A video of your performance posted on Pianist's YouTube channel to almost 100,000 subscribers
  • An honourable mention across Pianist's social media channels


  • The winner from each category will receive a Yamaha piano worth up to £10,000. This piano will either be a Yamaha U1 or a Yamaha CLP 775. Depending on territory, piano models may vary slightly depending on stock availability. The pianos will be assigned to the two winners at random. If you reside outside of the UK, you may be required to pay for shipping fees.
  • The winners are expected to take part in social media coverage with Pianist magazine and Yamaha, as well as coverage inside a future issue of Pianist. If you do not want to be featured online, please do not enter.


  • The application form is available to download here and must be completed and submitted via the submissions section at the top of this page.
  • All applications are due by 11.59pm BST on Saturday 8 July 2023.
  • All applicants must submit an application fee of £30 (£25 for Pianist subscribers). Multiple submissions require multiple application fees. Once you have uploaded your application form, you will be directed to the payment page.
  • Pianist magazine is owned by Warners Group Publications. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

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Good luck!