FAQs: The Pianist 2023 Amateur Piano Competition

General information

What is the deadline for submissions?

Applications must be submitted no later than 23:59 BST on 8 July 2023.


When will the judging take place?

Judging will take place in July and August 2023.


When will the winners be contacted and told they have won?

The winners will be contacted in September 2023. The specific date will depend on the amount of entries we receive! Please check back here for an update once the competition has closed.


When will the winners be announced?

The two winners will be announced online via www.pianistmagazine.com, as well as on both Pianist’s and Yamaha Music’s social media channels in September 2023.


Why do you charge an entry fee?

We charge an entry fee to cover the costs of the prizes and administration fees for the competition.



I have entered other amateur piano competitions before. Am I allowed to enter this one?

Yes. However, you must not submit the same video as you did previously.


I will be 24 years of age when the competition opens on 1 March, but will turn 25 prior to the closing of the competition on 8 July. Am I eligible?

Unfortunately, no. You must be 25 years or older prior on or prior to the start date of 1 March.


I have a small secondary income that comes from performance, but it isn’t my principle source of income. Am I allowed to enter?

Yes. Our rules state that you can enter as long as you don’t derive your principle source of income from performance.


I graduated from a music school/conservatoire in the past. Am I allowed to enter?

Yes, you are. However, if you are currently studying at a music conservatoire or music school, you are ineligible.


Video submission

How do I submit my video?

Within the application form, you will be asked to include a download link to your video. Please use one of the following video upload platforms: Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Vimeo, Google Drive, FileTransfer.io. If you are struggling to upload the video via these methods, please email Erica Worth at [email protected].

Note: Please avoid using WeTransfer.


How many pieces can I play within my video submission?

You must play a minimum of two pieces in contrasting styles. You are welcome to offer more than two works as long as the video does not exceed the 15 minute limit.


Does my performance need to be filmed in one whole take with no breaks?

Each piece must be filmed whole with no breaks or cuts. However, you can have filming gaps between each piece.


Is there a ‘date of publication’ limit when it comes to submitting a performance in the Modern category?

We have purposely left this open to give you the chance to choose from a bigger selection. For this competition, we define ‘Modern’ as anything from Jazz, Rock, Latin, Musicals, Salsa, Song, Cole Porter, Dave Brubeck, Billy Joel, Blues… you name it! We are looking for a personal and/or improvisatory approach to standard compositions.


For any further questions about The Pianist 2023 Amateur Piano Competition, please reach out to Erica Worth at [email protected].

Good luck!