The Pianist Webinar Series Recordings

This is your all-in-one ticket for our Pianist Webinar Series! Enjoy access to NINE hours of piano webinars, all hosted by experts in the piano industry. Recordings of each session will be posted and updated below after each webinar has taken place.


How to Build Up your Speed

with Alisdair Hogarth

We're excited to kick off our new Pianist Webinar Series with British concert pianist Alisdair Hogarth giving a masterclass on speed!



Classical Technique Bootcamp

with Alisdair Hogarth

In session 2, Alisdair Hogarth returns for a bootcamp on classical technique: covering all the fundamental skills you need in order to master your classical playing.



How to Structure your Piano Practice PART 1

with Samantha Ward

Concert pianist Samantha Ward presents part one of a two-parter on how to organise your practise and make sure you get the most out of it.



Romantic Playing 101

with Alisdair Hogarth

This session is all about improving your Romantic playing by working on the fundamental features of the style. Voicing, rich chords, balance and tone will all be covered amongst other techniques.



How to Keep your Piano Practice FUN

with Iago Núñez

Spanish pianist Iago Núñez imparts his wealth of expertise on the subject in this online masterclass, suggesting interesting ways to practice and maintain your concentration using examples from Beethoven Sonatas.



How to Structure your Piano Practice PART 2

with Samantha Ward

Samantha Ward presents part two of a two-parter on how to organise your practise and make sure you get the most out of it.



5 Things Every Piano Teacher Should Know About Teaching Jazz

with Jeremy Siskind

Jazz is often a source of fear for traditional piano teachers. These 5 “Need to Know” Jazz Essentials have been created by pianist and educator Jeremy Siskind to help teachers be more confident and informed for their next jazz lesson.

Learn the details of swing feel, keys to decoding chord symbols, exactly what “comping” is, how to teach beginning improvisation, and more.



All Things Accuracy: Piano Masterclass

with Dr Josh Wright

Josh delves into techniques and strategies for improving accuracy with single-note linear/arpeggiated passages, as well as accuracy with chordal jumps. Much of the webinar focuses on reducing tension, which is a key ingredient for improving accuracy.




How to Plan your First Recital: Piano Masterclass

with Dr Samantha Ege

This final session in the series includes the following topics:
• Trying to figure out which pieces to use, how things link together
• Stamina to get through your programmes
• Mental strength
• Learning how to put together programme notes
• How to book a venue and plan the event
• How to get used to a piano that you haven't chosen