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The ideal piano book for the beginner pianist. Enjoy a huge assortment of beginner-level scores, plus how-to-play lessons AND extra notation advice, in our Play Beginner special

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What's in this Book?


✔ 18 full beginner scores, ranging from Baroque to Romantic

▪ Scores include: Bach’s evergreen Prelude in C, Satie’s intoxicating Gymnopédie No 1 and a simplified arrangement of Borodin’s famous Polovstian Dance. As every carefully chosen piece has a unique style, each one will teach you something different about technique

✔ Extra notation advice

▪ A selection of the scores have added step-by-step written advice placed into the music

✔ Step-by-step lessons on a selection of the pieces

▪ Melanie Spanswick gives lessons on three of the more ‘advanced’ beginner pieces, so you should be able to iron out any tricky bits in no time

✔ Advice on taking your first steps into the world of the piano

Pianist and teacher Tim Stein has some pointers for those taking their first strides


All to help you on your way to becoming a better pianist!

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