Steve Langford: Fairytale

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Langford – from Christchurch, UK – was the winner of our 2023 Pianist Composing Competition with his piece 'Fairytale'!

On Sale: 03/08/2023

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Steve Langford: Fairytale

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A long-term subscriber to Pianist, Langford is retired, having enjoyed a career in telecoms engineering. During his early years he received some help from his brother on the rudiments of notation, but he was mainly self-taught, learning by ear.

Notes from the composer: I think of this piece as an exciting children's story, the main theme representing the protagonist who clearly becomes involved in some kind of chase or calamity (the middle 16 bars). But of course all ends well! The tempo should not be too slow; I like a uniform general tempo of 106 bpm. The Alberti bass should not be too heavy, and do observe the dotted notes under the slur! In bar 12, meno (meaning less) is of course the answering phrase to the preceding bar. 

The next bar is marked mezzo piano and proceeds to return back to mezzo forte before the middle section. However, don't overdo the contrast in dynamics in this piece. The middle section is marked 'a little more movement' and I actually accelerate gradually towards the crescendo in bar 32 before slowing a little and then more at bar 36. Finally, bars 37 to 41 are the main technical challenge I think, so slowly does it at first!

Pedal tips: See suggestions on the score.

You can watch pianist Chenyin Li perform this gorgeous piece below.

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