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SPECIAL SCALES BUNDLE! Save over 40%. Bundle includes: All About Arpeggios, All About Melodic Minors, and All About Major Scales

On Sale: 09/04/2021

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40% OFF: Scales Cheat Sheet Bundle

Our Price: £3.98

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Bundle includes 3 guides on:


✔ Everything you need to know about arpeggios

✔ Key things to keep in mind when practising them

✔ TWENTY FOUR scale exercises to practise

✔ An all-important progress tracker



✔ Key terminology to remember

✔ Top tips on melodic minor fingering

✔ TWELVE melodic minor scales to learn

✔ An all-important progress tracker



✔ ALL TWELVE major scales to learn. The scales listed match ABRSM scale requirements from Grades 1-8

✔ SCALES CHECKLIST – Work through the checklist of styles to prepare yourself for ANY scale the examiner may throw at you

✔ An all-important progress tracker



Price: £3.98 (£6.97)

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