Émile Pessard: Andalouse Op 20 No 8

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French Romantic composer Émile Pessard studied at the Paris Conservatoire, where he later became professor of Harmony. He wrote some bonbons for the piano, such as this expressive character piece which comes from his 25 Pièces pour piano, but his major compositional focus was on comic opera.

On Sale: 14/10/2022

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Émile Pessard: Andalouse Op 20 No 8

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‘Andalouse’ means an Andalusian dance (a similar example is the ‘Allemande’ dance form (as in ‘German’ dance).

Playing tips: Try to work on a solid LH first, practising it alone until the notes are secure. The LH forms the clipped, rhythmic foundation. Tip: For extra security, try to ‘feel’ the leaps, rather than constantly looking down at the keyboard. The RH should sing and be meticulously phrased (follow all the phrase markings). Crescendos and decrescendos are plentiful, and if followed, they will help create a seductive dance-like feel. Take bars 30 and 31 out of context, practising the RH slowly, making sure that the demisemiquaver figurations fit within the beat; these lyrical seven-note runs need to sound effortless.

Pedal tips: See markings on the score for guidance.

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