Moritz Moszkowski: Moment Musical Op 84 No 2

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A neurological illness ended the virtuoso piano career of Moritz Moszkowski, but it didn’t stop him from composing many works for the piano, including his set of four 'Moments Musicaux' Op 84.

On Sale: 01/02/2022

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Moritz Moszkowski: Moment Musical Op 84 No 2

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This whimsical piece, in the key of F major, is the second from the set.

Playing tips: As the pulse of the piece, the LH should convey rhythmic stability from the outset (silently counting the quavers within the dotted-minim chords will help).

The RH enters with a carefree, improvisatory-style melody; it seems to float upwards (with a crescendo) and then downwards (with a decrescendo), so try to feel the ebb and flow.

The LH comes to the fore at bar 27 where it joins in as part of the melody. Bar 41 sees the return of the opening melody which then dies away gradually with the aid of the mysterious-sounding LH harmonies (appearing at bar 50). The final staccato notes should be played lightly, with a hint of humour.

Pedal tips: See suggestions on the score.

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