Sergei Lyapunov: Chanteurs de Noël Op 41 No 3

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Russian composer Sergei Lyapunov wrote an array of works for piano – from short waltzes to two full-blown piano concertos.

On Sale: 03/04/2020

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Sergei Lyapunov: Chanteurs de Noël Op 41 No 3

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This piece is No 3 from his Op 41 Fêtes de Noël (Christmas Festival).

Playing tips: Don’t be put off by the octaves! If you make sure to retract your fingers between octave-playing, that will help. Tips of the fingers should be ‘steely’ and keep the wrists firm, yet supple. Enjoy the wonderful build-up towards the end. Pedal tips: Try two pedal changes per bar. Increase when textures thicken.

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