Franz Liszt: Evening Bells, No 9 from Christmas Tree suite S186

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Liszt's 'Christmas Tree' suite is pure magic and confirms the genius of the composer. The suite exists in versions for solo piano and piano four-hands.

On Sale: 01/02/2022

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Franz Liszt: Evening Bells, No 9 from Christmas Tree suite S186

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Playing tips: It is hard to put into words how to go about learning this piece because it’s really all about colour and sonority (think of the sounds of different bells). Phrasing and voicing are all key factors too, of course, let alone the pedal, which you should continually experiment with.

One thing that we do suggest is to start at the end. That is, to start learning from the last section at bar 99/100, the glorious climax. Don’t be put off by the three lines of music – the writing is logical (and not too technically challenging) once you’ve worked out where the hands go!

Pedal tips: Pedal is needed throughout. Notice that the only pedal markings appear at bars 6-9, and they are there purely as a guide. For further pedalling help, listen to Chenyin Li’s spellbinding performance of the piece on the Pianist 123 album – available when you purchase a copy of the magazine.

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