George Frideric Handel: Capriccio HWV 483

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A capriccio (or caprice) is a piece of music that is usually fairly free in form and of a lively/humorous character.

On Sale: 14/10/2022

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George Frideric Handel: Capriccio HWV 483

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The typical capriccio is one that is fast, intense, and often virtuosic in nature. According to the French writer and scholar Antoine Furetière: ‘Capriccios are pieces of music, poetry or painting wherein the force of imagination has better success than observation of the rules of art.’ Handel’s energetic and driven Capriccio HWV 483 in G minor dates from around 1720 and is played with utter conviction by pianist Chenyin Li. Dynamic markings are scarce, just with the mf at the start, allowing the performer free reign. Ditto the pedalling: Inside issue 120, Nils Franke gives plenty of guidance.

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