Grovlez: Petites litanies de Jésus

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This is the eighth and final movement of Grovlez’s cycle L’Almanach aux images, which draws its imagery from texts by Tristan Klingsor, who also supplied Maurice Ravel with several poems for Impressionist and Orientalist song-cycles such as Shéhérazade

On Sale: 03/04/2020

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Grovlez: Petites litanies de Jésus

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The third movement, La sarabande, appeared inside issue 100.

Playing tips: Find the right tempo and try to stick with it. Even if there is a sense of ‘freedom’ to the piece, very little rubato is needed. Take note of all the useful phrase markings, as well as the frequent shifts in dynamics (especially the subito pianissimo at bar 27). The opening theme returns at bar 28, fading away to a natural and tranquil end. Pedal tips: The ‘con Ped.’ marking at the start suggests liberal pedalling throughout.

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