Edvard Grieg: Bell ringing Op 54 No 6

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Grieg’s 66 Lyric Pieces were published within 10 volumes.

On Sale: 03/04/2020

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Edvard Grieg: Bell ringing Op 54 No 6

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This atmospheric ‘Klokkeklang’ is the final piece from his fifth Op 54 volume.

Playing tips: Start off quietly and imagine that the LH chords are deep, resonating bells that are heard from afar. The RH introduces further bells – always make sure that the top notes ring out. The acciaccaturas peppered throughout should be light and played before the beat. At bar 37, start to build the first crescendo, all the way to bar 47. The calm opening material returns at bar 61 before the explosive ending which comprises a huge crescendo from pp to ff within the space of four bars (77-81) before dying away again. Ample pedalling required.

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