Franz Schubert: Valse sentimentale Op 50 No 13

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Schubert wrote many waltzes for solo piano, but the 'Valses sentimentales' (as well as the Valses nobles Op 77 D969) are particularly endearing.

On Sale: 13/10/2019

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Franz Schubert: Valse sentimentale Op 50 No 13

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Liszt arranged this particular waltz, which has been made famous by Vladimir Horowitz, who often performed it as an encore (hear him on YouTube). Playing tips: This waltz should sound light, loving and dance-like. (See the legero marking at the start. Zart means tender.) Notice that there are many moments where there needs to be a slight ‘leaning’ on the third beat (RH crotchets tied over the barline). Fall into them ‘gracefully’, yet with playfulness. The RH melody should sparkle and the LH should be the firm base, always with an emphasis on the first beat of the bar.

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