Ellmenreich: Little spinning song Op 14 No 5

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German composer Albert Ellmenreich lived a long and fruitful life – not only as a composer, but as an actor, writer and singer

On Sale: 03/04/2020

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Ellmenreich: Little spinning song Op 14 No 5

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This adorable, funto- play piece comes from his Op 14 character pieces.

Playing tips: The uniform LH staccato quavers give the piece its spinningwheel motion – spurred on by the rippling semiquavers in the RH. Keep the texture light and nimble (notice the leggiero marking in bar 3), with well-articulated fingerwork; imagine that the tips of your fingers are full of electricity! Notice the quick changes of dynamics, accents and the odd rit. These will all give the piece its unique character. The middle section (bars 27-51) comes as a sweet, singing contrast. Pedal is not required.

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