Ludwig van Beethoven: Waltz WoO 84

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Composed in 1824, this is one of the precious few waltzes that Beethoven wrote. Like the Ecossaise WoO 86 (featured inside Pianist 100), it was published by Mueller in Vienna and is characteristic of the waltz dance style.

On Sale: 14/10/2022

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Ludwig van Beethoven: Waltz WoO 84

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The pastorale-like Trio section offers up a nice contrast.

Playing tips: The LH pulse needs to remain steady and even if there should be a slight emphasis on the first beat, the three crotchets should be lightly played, with bounce. Aim for a sweet RH melody (see the dolce marking on the score) and make sure that you follow the phrasing and dynamics. The Trio section starts off quietly. Make sure that the minim LH As are held to the end of each bar. From bar 33, even if not marked, create a crescendo, using the sforzandos to help you.

Pedal tips: Pedal is not needed for the waltz section (just short dabs here and there), but use it liberally for the Trio.

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