Ludwig van Beethoven: Bagatelle Op 126 No 2

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Beethoven’s six Bagatelles Op 126 were published late in his career, in 1824, and were dedicated to his brother Nikolaus Johann van Beethoven (who even knew he had a brother!). Beethoven was obviously proud of them, writing to his publisher that these bagatelles ‘are probably the best I’ve written’.

On Sale: 08/02/2022

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Ludwig van Beethoven: Bagatelle Op 126 No 2

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The remaining five Bagatelles have appeared in Pianist 112 (Bagatelle No 1 & No 6), Pianist 74 (Bagatelle No 3), Pianist 61 (Bagatelle No 4), and Pianist 19 (Bagatelle No 5).


Playing tips:

A trademark of Beethoven’s style, there are many big contrasts within short spaces of time: The opening semiquavers, which are split between the hands, should sound strong and seamless. Then, at the end of bar 4, the ‘answering’ statement appears as a striking contrast – sweet, beautifully-shaped and legato. This statement-and-answer style prevails throughout. The ending should almost vanish into thin air.

Pedal tips:

For a piece such as this, pedalling needs to be subtle. We suggest light dabs here and there.

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