JS Bach/Vivaldi arr. Aleksandr Nemerovsky: Largo

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This is an arrangement of the Largo movement from Bach’s Organ Concerto BWV 596 (Bach worked from Vivaldi’s original composition, transcribing it for organ).

On Sale: 13/10/2019

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JS Bach/Vivaldi arr. Aleksandr Nemerovsky: Largo

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We came across this gorgeous piece when watching Arcadi Volodos perform it as an encore. Playing tips: A steady pace is of the essence here, so count the tempo silently to yourself at first, and then stick to it. Even if slow, the piece should move along calmly; make sure it doesn’t ‘drag’. The RH dotted quaver/semiquaver motif needs to be precise: always bring out the top notes and take special care that the semiquavers don’t stick out.

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