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SPECIAL CHORDS BUNDLE! Save over 40%. Bundle includes: All About Augmented Chords, All About Jazz Piano Chords, and All About Dominant & Diminished 7th Chords

On Sale: 05/06/2020

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40% OFF: Chords Cheat Sheet Bundle

Our Price: £3.98

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Bundle includes 3 guides on:


✔ What is an augmented chord and how does it work?

✔ TWELVE augmented chords to learn

✔ How to add a maj7 note to your augmented chords

✔ Compose your own chord progressions using augmented chords

✔ An all-important progress tracker


✔ TWENTY ONE different chords to learn

✔ Three popular jazz chord progressions to try out

✔ Manuscript paper to compose your own jazz chord progressions on

✔ An all-important progress tracker


✔ How dominant & diminished 7th chords work

✔ TWENTY-FOUR different chords that are guaranteed to spice up your music

✔ 5 top tips on how to integrate them in your compositions

✔ An all-important progress tracker


Price: £3.98 (£6.97)

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