Issue 94 Feb/Mar 2017

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New year advice on repeated octaves, a look at the use of Hanon exercises, plus 40 pages of sheet music including Mozart, MacDowell, Debussy, and the ABBA hit 'Thank You For The Music'.

On Sale: 27/01/2017

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What's in this Issue?

It's a new year, so it's time to take stock and IMPROVE YOUR PIANO PLAYING! With advice from the experts, on: 
-Left-hand tremolo
-Repeated octaves
-Tricky accompaniment

Mozart, MacDowell, Debussy and more - plus learn the classic ABBA hit 'THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC' 

-Interview with Leeds Piano Competition winner Anna Tsybuleva
-Piano Exercises and Hanon (ouch!): Do we need to do our daily dose of exercises to have a good technique? See what the virtuosos have to say
-Ever wondered how Beethoven taught? Read this intriguing article
-A visit to the August Förster factory in Germany

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