Issue 83 Apr/May 2015

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Cover artist Kirill Gerstein talks about the 'real' Tchaikovsky Concerto No 1, plus an 11-page Guide to Summer Courses & Festivals 2015

On Sale: 27/03/2015

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What's in this Issue?

IMPROVE YOUR PIANO PLAYING! With expert advice on...

- Playing musically

- Artistic pedalling

- How to Play lessons on Ravel's Menuet antique, a hidden gem by Peter Nicolai von Wilm and Tchaikovsky's 'May' from The Seasons



- Lots of great pieces from Grieg to Debussy, plus the classic song 'Cry Me A River'



- An 11-page Guide to Summer Courses & Festivals 2015

- There's still time to enter our Composing Competition - the winning piece will appear inside the Scores and on the cover CD

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