Pianist 136 Feb/Mar 2024

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Italian pianist Beatrice Rana adorns our first cover of 2024 as she unveils her brand new album! Plus, masterclasses on rubato and singing while you play, 40+ pages of scores, dissecting the fiddly topic of catalogue numbers, an investigation into the 'afterlife' of pianos and so much more... including info on our brand-new membership: Pianist Prime!

On Sale: 19/01/2024

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What's in this Issue?

✔ Beatrice Rana – The determined Italian pianist talks to Jessica Duchen about falling in love with Beethoven (at last)

✔ 40+ PAGES OF SCORES – From beginner to advanced, this issue’s collection features a feisty Beethoven
Bagatelle, a heartbreaking Bortkiewicz Consolation, Schubert’s final Moment musical and much more

✔ Masterclass 1 – Mark Tanner on the pros of singing while you play

✔ Masterclass 2 – Graham Fitch discusses the subtle ebb and flow of rubato

✔ Step-by-Step Lessons – Samantha Ege guides you through a gorgeous Andante from Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, plus lessons on Liszt's arrangement of Widmung and a Classical sonatina movement by Latour

✔ What is Difficulty?  A deep dive into the complexities behind the grading system – taking examples from this issue’s scores

✔ Catalogue Numbers – Why do the numbers (and letters) of pieces we learn matter? And why do the types vary? Colin Clarke reveals all

✔ A Piano's Afterlife – Warwick Thompson takes us on a colourful tour of what happens to our beloved pianos after their sell-by date

✔ EXCLUSIVE VIDEO LESSONS for all levels – from Graham Fitch, Chenyin Li, Tim Stein, Martin James Bartlett and more! Watch Graham's latest video lesson below.

✔ Prefer to go digital? Join our brand-new membership: Pianist Prime. Get access to 13+ years of archived Pianist magazines, access to all future issues of Pianist, discounts, free online masterclasses, plus exclusive new content each month. Find out more here.



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