Pianist 134 Oct/Nov 2023

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Chopin Piano Competition winner Bruce Liu stars on the cover! Plus we announce the winners of the 2023 Pianist Amateur Piano Competition...

On Sale: 15/09/2023

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What's in this Issue?

✔ Bruce Liu - The Canadian superstar chats to Pianist about life after the Chopin Competition, and how playing on a bad piano works wonders

40+ PAGES OF SCORES - Grovlez’s gentle Berceuse de la Poupée, Telemann’s feisty Fugue in G minor, Anton Rubinstein’s heart-breaking Romance and more. Listen to all the pieces on the brand-new Pianist 133 album here

✔ 2023 Pianist Amateur Piano Competitions winners ANNOUNCED

Masterclass 1 – Mark Tanner on his 'looping' technique

Masterclass 2 – Graham Fitch explores meter and rhythm

✔ Step-by-Step Lessons – Including a lesson on an Elgar Sonatina and Manuel de Falla’s sizzling Ritual Fire Dance from guest writer Iago Núñez

✔ Elie Robert Schmitz – Delving into a fascinating essay on piano technique from this 20th century French pianist-teacher

Piano Removals: The Dos and Don'ts – Why you should leave it to the experts!

Jean Efflam Bavouzet - On the many things he’s learned from performing and recording the Mozart Piano Concertos

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO LESSONS for all levels – from Graham Fitch, Chenyin Li, Tim Stein, Martin James Bartlett and more! Watch Graham's latest video lesson below.

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