Pianist 119 Apr/May 2021

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Exclusive interview with the legendary Krystian Zimerman, plus composers we love to hate...

On Sale: 19/03/2021

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What's in this Issue?

 Cover star Krystian Zimerman: The celebrated Polish pianist talks to Jessica Duchen about recording the Beethoven Concertos under lockdown

✔ 40 PAGES OF SCORES: 12 pieces to learn, from beginner to advanced level, including Stanchinsky’s poignant Tears, Gardel’s popular tango Por Una Cabeza, the first movement of Mozart’s elegant Sonata in C K545 and Levitzki’s rhapsodic The Enchanted Nymph

✔ Masterclass No 1: Graham Fitch on playing with style

✔ Masterclass No 2: Mark Tanner on how to give your pieces a good spring clean

✔ Three 'How-To-Play' lessons from teacher-pianists Lucy Parham, Nils Franke and Melanie Spanswick

✔ Composers we love to hate: Are the likes of Reinecke, Gurlitt, Streabbog and Co really that boring? John Evans certainly doesn’t think so

✔ Festivals & Courses 2021: Things might be a little different this year (yet again), but there are still some first-class courses to attend

✔ Announcing the winner of the 2021 Pianist Composing Competition: We received an astounding 150 entries this year. So who is the winner?

✔ EXCLUSIVE VIDEO LESSONS for all levels – from Graham Fitch, Chenyin Li, Tim Stein, Martin James Bartlett and more. Watch Graham's latest lesson below 👇🏽


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