Pianist 115 Aug/Sept 2020

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Cover artist Mariam Batsashvili talks to Pianist about the influence of her first teacher and why she’s in love with Liszt. Plus, find out how to enter the 2021 Composing Competition

On Sale: 24/07/2020

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What's in this Issue?

  • The Pianist Composing Competition returns! Enter your piece and win a Kawai piano worth £3,750. Pianist Alexis Ffrench gives his advice inside
  • 14 pieces to learn, including familiar works by Grieg and Beethoven, to a Bach-like Prelude by Fanny Hensel and a simplified duet arrangement of the famous Bach/Gounod Ave Maria
  • Masterclass No 1: Mark Tanner on the right way to practise slowly
  • Masterclass No 2: Graham Fitch on strategies for organising your practice time
  • Three 'How To Play' lessons – beginner (a Maykapar miniature), intermediate (Liszt Notturno No 2) and advanced (Liadov Barcarolle Op 44)
  • There’s only one Ave Maria: Unveiling the history of one of the most divine melodies ever written
  • The life (and work) of the piano tuner: What do they do during that hourly visit? And how do you know you’ve found a good one?
  • Up Close with Queen of Bach, Angela Hewitt: Erica Worth talks to Hewitt about two of her passions: JS Bach and her beloved Wigmore Hall
  • For the Teacher: How do we inspire our pupils? Some ‘roleplay’ tips from Kathryn Page
  • Technical playing myths: Telling a student to ‘keep a loose wrist’ and ‘stay relaxed’ is not always sound advice, so says Alisdair Hogarth
  • EXCLUSIVE VIDEO LESSONS for all levels – from Graham Fitch, Chenyin Li, Tim Stein, Martin James Bartlett and more

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