Yamaha unveils new generation of its flagship concert grand piano CFX

02 February 2023
By Ellie Palmer
New CFX line was unveiled and launched at a special event in London on 23 January, with pianists Noriko Ogawa, Tamara Stefanovich and Fergus McCreadie performing on the new Yamaha CFX


Yamaha has officially unveiled the latest generation of its flagship concert grand piano, the CFX.

The CFX concert grand was first launched back in 2010. For this latest generation, Yamaha used feedback from a global network of world-class pianists to gain complete understanding of artists' needs and specifically the desire to capture that special moment when music flows effortlessly, with player and piano in harmony, as one.


Tamara Stefanovich demonstrates on the brand-new Yamaha CFX


Updates and highlights of the new generation include:

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  • The new 'Unibody Concept' design - minimises the loss of expressivity that occurs in the translation of the striking of the keys to the sound that the audience hears
  • A reshaped bridge - offers improved balance and projection across the entire register
  • Innovated hammer production - provides exceptional tone
  • Refined keyboard action - delivers more responsive touch and a lighter frame with improved rigidity offers more resonant sound.


Jazz pianist Fergus McCreadie on the new Yamaha CFX


In a launch event at St John's Smith Square in London, guests enjoyed performances from world-class pianists including Noriko Ogawa and acclaimed Debussy specialist and educator, Tamara Stefanovich and Fergus McCreadie. Stefanovich describes the new piano as "amix of Ferrari, spaceship and the palette of colours of the best painters".


Noriko Ogawa beams following her performance

You can find out more about the Yamaha CFX here.