Yamaha announces new Ultra-Portable Piano

10 August 2018
4x3-h7wngUaA-99574.jpg Yamaha P-121
Compact, light and stylish: the all new P-121 from Yamaha redefines portable piano performance.
Yamaha announces new Ultra-Portable Piano Images



Drawing on over a century of industry leading piano craftsmanship and technical innovation, the Yamaha P-121 has 73 keys (as opposed to the standard 88) while importantly retaining the precise hammer weighting felt when playing an acoustic grand.

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This combination of piano feel and a compact footprint is set to bring unmistakeable Yamaha quality to those demanding the perfect blend of portability, musical power and unbeatable value for money. 

At the heart of P-121 is the pure sound of a Yamaha concert grand piano, which joins 23 other instrument Voices ranging from the electric pianos of the 60s, 70s and 80s through to strings, classical organs and the traditional sound of the harpsichord. These can be combined or split across the keyboard for ultimate performance flexibility. Continuing the versatility, P-121 also features a broad variety of rhythm and bass tracks to fire new ideas or simply make practice more fun.
Supremely portable, at just 10kg in weight, P-121 boasts a superb speaker system which Yamaha, a world leader in professional audio, has enhanced with a new “Table EQ” feature ensuring it always sounds its best – whether on its optional home stand, on stage or on a table in the living room.
P-121 is versatile and incredibly portable, and also houses a raft of technology including a multitrack recorder, alongside the ability to transmit MIDI and digital audio to a computer using a single USB cable.
P-121 is also app enabled. Simply connect an iOS device via USB and unleash your creativity. The Smart Pianist app from Yamaha can not only control every aspect of the piano’s features in rich detail, it can also access your own music library and automatically create chord tracks for your favourite tracks.
P-121 is available in both black and white, and is priced at £525.60. Find out more here.