UK music teachers to receive holiday pay after Supreme Court ruling

21 July 2022
By Ellie Palmer
The holiday pay case had arisen after music teacher Lesley Brazel had her holiday pay reduced by The Harpur Trust back in 2011

Great news for UK-based music teachers.

The UK Supreme Court has ruled (on 20 July) in favour of a music teacher whose holiday pay was unlawfully reduced.

Teacher Lesley Brazel first sought out legal advice back in 2011 when her employer, The Harpur Trust, changed the way it calculated her pay - thus reducing her holiday pay packet. Before 2011, her holiday pay was calculated using her average week’s pay and multiplying it by 5.6, just like any other subject teacher. However, this was then changed to be prorated based on the number of weeks she worked each year.

Brazel has been supported in her legal pursuit by the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) of which she is a member.

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Brazel comments, "As an alumna of the school where I have now been teaching for over 20 years, pursuing a career I am passionate about, it has been personally challenging for me to see through this long and arduous case. 

I am pleased to have secured my holiday pay rights, in accordance with the law and my contract of employment, in the highest court in the country. I hope that others can now benefit from this verdict."

Main image: ©Christine Smith via Wikimedia Commons