Transgender and nonbinary musicians team up to release new volume of works for voice and piano

09 May 2022
By Ellie Palmer
The 'Anthology of New Music: Trans & Nonbinary Voices Vol 1', is out now via NewMusicShelf

A group of transgender and nonbinary musicians have come together to release a brand new book full of pieces that highlight and express the experiences of trans and/or nonbinary people.

The 'Anthology of New Music: Trans & Nonbinary Voices Vol 1', published by Dennis Tobenski and curated by Aiden Feltkamp, features love-themed pieces for voice and piano, and aims to give trans and/or nonbinary people music that they can relate to – in contrast to much of the heteronormative music currently out there. They decided selections would include all vocal and piano ranges in multiple music styles that told a variety of stories of the transgender and nonbinary experience. 

Selections in the exciting new book include Tony Manfredonia’s “Your Heart,” Ashley Seward’s “Let the Little Birds Sing” and Pax Ressler’s “Love Song for Me,” among others.


Aiden Feltkamp, curator.  ©Aumna Iqbal


Feltkamp, who as well as being the curator is also a trans nonbinary singer and lyricist, comments: "Singing is a deeply personal practice, and it's hard to completely engage when the repertoire doesn't express your experience. Of course, there are songs that are universal, but so much of the love-centric repertoire is hetero- and cis-normative in its themes and content. I wanted to present an alternative to that.” 


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Dennis Tobenski, publisher


Tobenski and Feltkamp hope the pieces in' Anthology of New Music: Trans & Nonbinary Voices' will be a resource for voice teachers and presenters and reach audiences beyond the book through live performance.

The book is available to buy on Amazon.