Steinway & Sons celebrates 25 years of the Steinway Family

12 October 2017
Screen-Shot-2017-10-12-at-08.46.08-96349.png Boston 25th Anniversary Edition
The Boston and Essex lines have reason to celebrate...



Steinway & Sons, manufacturer of the world’s finest pianos, celebrates a very special anniversary this year: 25 Years of the ‘Steinway Family’. The Family consists of three brands: Steinway & Sons, Boston designed by Steinway & Sons, and Essex designed by Steinway & Sons.


As not all of the names in this trio may be universally recognisable, Steinway & Sons have dedicated the celebration of this anniversary to showcasing their extensive range. Based on the idea that a high-quality, beautiful piano should be available at any price range, Steinway have created and developed the Boston and Essex lines over the past 25 years. The characteristics and a selection of important patents and designs of Steinway & Sons can be found in each of the pianos, which are crafted to ensure premium quality and a superior playing experience according to the individual price range. Anyone who decides to purchase a Boston or Essex piano enters the world of Steinway & Sons and becomes part of the Steinway Family.


Furthermore, all customers are able to enjoy the Steinway Promise: if clients decide to trade in their Boston or Essex piano at any time within ten years, they will receive a trade-in credit equal to the original purchase price. Therefore, acquiring one of the instruments offers an affordable entry point for those who wish to join this prestigious Family and to experience the world of Steinway & Sons.


Boston caters for the intermediate level; created by Steinway & Sons to offer a piano with a level of performance and quality far superior to any other instrument in its price range.


Essex is considered the best entry-level piano of Steinway & Sons in this price segment, yet this branch of instruments still feature many of the developments that make a Steinway-designed piano something special.


Boston and Essex have both been designed under the responsibility of Susan Kenagy, Senior Mechanical Engineer at Steinway & Sons, featuring numerous original Steinway patents, premium materials and Steinway’s technological expertise.

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To celebrate the 25th anniversary, two special editions are launched: the ‘Boston 25th Anniversary Edition’, limited to 125 pianos worldwide (main image). It features beautiful chrome fittings, pedals and casters, as well as a silver iron plate instead of gold and black felt throughout. Secondly, Boston introduces the ‘Rainbow Collection’, which gives customers a choice of more than 170 colours to adorn the inside of the piano’s lid. A perfect opportunity to match your piano to your interior design! See three of them below: 



Before reaching its final destination, every new Boston and Essex piano is delivered to the Boston Quality Centre in Hamburg, where Steinway & Sons craftsmen meticulously check the pianos to ensure each instrument is crafted to the highest standards to fulfill the demands in accordance with the mission statement of the company by founder Henry E. Steinway: ‘to build the best piano possible’.

In the UK, you can find the pianos at Steinway Hall London, on Marylebone Lane.

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