South Korean pianist-composer Yiruma to release new music

28 April 2020
By Ellie Palmer
'Room With A View' is set for release on 22 May via Universal Music Group Korea

The release of the five-track EP marks the beginning of a global partnership with Universal Music Group Korea, which will see Yiruma’s works being released by the music company – where he first began his recording career almost 20 years ago.

The newly written pieces are inspired by the season of Spring. The music itself speaks of a personal, familiar and comfortable place, and the perspective of looking out from it through an imaginative window. The title track, Room with a View, weaves warm melodies that offer a feeling of being alone in a Spring morning sun-lit room.

Preludio al vento (Overture of the Wind) and Sunset Bird are inspired by the sound of the wind seeping through the window and the sound of the birds outside. Berrylands Rd. is the name of the road in Surbiton, south London, past which Yiruma would walk every day on his journey to music college.

'Room With A View' will be released on 22 May. © Universal Music Group

Finally, Yellow Room recalls the mood of a similar piece by the same name from an earlier Yiruma – a piece setting out the composer’s childhood memories of a familiar room decorated purely in yellow.

Yiruma comments, “Compared to my early works that speak of images and sentiments that come from relationships between people, I think recently I am writing more from a personal point of view.  Now, I hope to share the feelings coming from time spent alone: the comfortable feeling that familiar spaces give, the laziness from being completely alone, the loneliness and reminiscence in the late night.”

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“At a time when many have to stay at home, and sometimes find it tedious in the places in which you live every day, please try focusing on the memories kept inside the space, and the small sounds that surround you. I hope my music becomes the music to your familiar things, the very small things that comfort you.”

Yiruma is the man behind the world-famous piece, River Flows In You which, to date, has almost 40 million streams on Spotify.

He has just released a new single with the same name as his upcoming EP, Room With A View. Take a listen below.



Main image: © Mind Tailor Music


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