South Korean Jae Hong Park wins 63rd International Ferruccio Busoni Piano Competition

09 September 2021
By Ellie Palmer
Fellow South Korean Do-Hyun Kim took 2nd prize, whilst Austrian pianist Lukas Sternath took home the 3rd prize

22-year-old pianist Jae Hong Park has been announced as the new Busoni Prize Winner at the competition's 63rd edition. The pianist's interpretation of Sergei Rachmaninov's 3rd Piano Concerto was enough to convince a jury chaired by Louis Lortie that he was worthy of the renowned music prize.


Jae Hong Park turns to the audience after his Finals performance


2nd Prize was awarded to Do-Hyun Kim for his interpretation of Sergei Prokofiev's 2nd Piano Concerto, with the Third Prize going to Lukas Sternath for his performance of Ludwig van Beethoven's 5th Piano Concerto.


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Do-Hyun Kim (left) and Lukas Sternath. ©Tiberio_Sorvillo-Luca_Guadagnini


Jae Hong Park was also awarded the Chamber Music Prize by the Schumann Quartet, as well as the prize for the Best Interpretation of a Work by Busoni. The special prize for the Best Performance of a Contemporary Piano Work went to Do-Hyun Kim.

The Friends of the Busoni Competition awarded a special new prize in memory of their member, the late Marisa Windisch. The prize dedicated to her is awarded to the youngest participant in the chamber music group which this year was Lukas Sternath.

You can re-watch the final in its entirety here.


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