Save up to 30% on a subscription to Pianist this Easter

24 March 2021
By Ellie Palmer
Enjoy 25% off a print subscription or 30% off a digital subscription!

Enjoy 25% off an annual UK print subscription

Click the '6 issues' tab under UK

Treat yourself or a loved one to SIX issues of Pianist over 12 months! Each issue includes:

✔ 40+ pages of Scores to learn, from beginner to advanced

✔ 5 masterclasses from top pianists and teachers

✔ Interviews and insights from the world's best pianists

✔ Advice for piano teachers

✔ All the latest news from the piano world


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Get 30% off an annual digital subscription

Prefer to go digital? Our digital subscription includes everything you'd find in a print subscription, plus some EXTRAS:

✔ Extra Scores to learn

✔ 2+ hours of video lessons

✔ Over 40 minutes of music to listen to and enjoy as you are reading