Queer arts hub set to open in London

14 June 2021
By Ellie Palmer
The venue, which is set to open later this year, will partly include artist residencies featuring LGBTQ+ musicians

A brand new queer arts venue is due to open in London's Greenwich Peninsula's Design District later this year.

The venue, which has been crowdfunded by the charity Queercircle, is being opened in response to the loss of queer community spaces in London over the last few years. Over the past decade, more than half of London's queer venues have shut due, in part, to rising rents and urban development. More were closed due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.


The venue will be located in London's Greenwich Peninsula's Design District


The venue will consist of a main gallery, a library and project spaces that will host a programme of exhibition commissions and collaborative, paid artist residencies for LGBTQ+ artists. Queercircle hopes to further develop adjoining affordable artist studios (prices for which are thus far undisclosed).

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Queercircle founder Ashley Joiner hopes the venue will function as a safe space for Queer artists and musicians, particularly during a time when homophobic and transphobic hate crimes are on the rise. Joiner comments: "Now more than ever, the LGBTQ+ community needs and deserves a place to come together, to tackle social isolation and support our mental health and wellbeing."

We look forward to seeing which pianists will feature here in the future!

Images: QueerCircle/YouTube


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