Pianists Matej and Luka Jovanovic to host live stream to raise money for COVID-19

09 April 2020
By Ellie Palmer
The duo, also known as PianoWorldWide, will perform live on Sunday 12 April at 5pm BST in partnership with the live streaming website LeeLoo

50% of the funds collected for the concert will go directly to GoFundMe's official COVID-19 relief fund.

The duo will embark on a musical journey around three different themes. There will be ten minutes of classical piano solo repertoire, followed by ten minutes of rock and blues repertoire before finishing with ten minutes of instrumental psychedelic rock.

Matej and Luka are based in Serbia, and have decided to split the coronavirus funds from the performance between worldwide aid and aid specifically for Serbia.

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Matej is the founder of PianoWorldWide; an Instagram account that has clocked up almost 100,000 classical music-loving followers in just over a year. The page is full of inspiring stories, classical music jokes and brilliant performances from pianists past, present and future, it’s no wonder the page is drawing in new classical music fans every day.

“We are trying to present classical piano music as something that is interesting, something that contains every emotion. Sometimes we can laugh, sometimes we can just enjoy its pureness.“ That’s Matej’s view of the page he has founded. 

This is a one-time performance that will not be reposted on social media. Contribute what you can! Join the duo live at 5pm this Sunday here.