Pianists Corner: Find everything you need to know about any pianist in any era... all in one place

10 August 2020
By Ellie Palmer
Pianist Corner is a brand new piano resource, and the brainchild of French engineer and scientist Bruno Saint-Germain

A brand-new piano resource website with the ability to tell you everything you need to know about any pianist of your choice has officially been launched.

Pianists Corner allows you to search for any pianist past and present, in which a whole host of information and resources on that pianist will appear. It highlights their entire life biography, their teachers, their pupils and the schools they taught in.


We did a simple search for JS Bach and found a list of his pupils

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You can also find lists of recorded performances from hundreds of pianists and composers, a selection of live-streamed performances, names of music schools in any country in the world as well as interviews with pianists, articles, advice and so much more.

The piano teacher genealogy map will be a feature of great interest to many. Pianist and composer Melanie Spanswick tested out the feature on herself. She discovered that her "piano teacher descendants" include Tchaikovsky, Brahms, and even Liszt. Take a look at her full discovery here.

Why not take some time and research one of your favourite pianists?