Pianist Maria João Pires suffers shoulder injury after nasty fall

08 September 2021
By Ellie Palmer
The 77-year-old was due to perform at the Riga Jūrmala Festival on Sunday Night, but unfortunately fell earlier in the day

Portugese pianist Maria João Pires suffered a bad fall in Latvia on Sunday night, injuring her shoulder in the process.

Pires was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure but was soon released and prescribed rest. She was forced to cancel her appearance at the Riga Jūrmala Festival. Japanese pianist Mao Fujita stepped in at the last minute to replace her. In a statement posted on their Instagram page, the festival explained:

"After yesterday's [5 Sept] last-minute cancellation, we are pleased to report that pianist Maria João Pires is doing well. After a period of a few weeks of rest, she will be able to resume her majestic performances. She accidentally fell and as a precautionary measure was taken to the hospital emergency room. Outpatient examinations revealed that one of her shoulders sustained some damage but fortunately it will heal with the prescribed rest. We wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to finding a date for her to return to the Festival next summer.

We are also infinitely grateful to the wonderful pianist Mao Fujita, who agreed to step in and perform at the closing concert of the Riga Jurmala Music Festival, and to our loyal festival visitors for their understanding!

The evening, despite the situation and against all odds, turned out to be a spectacular closing of the Festival’s season in 2021!"


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Wishing you a speedy recovery, Maria. ❤