Pianist magazine launches #PlayforUkraine

04 March 2022
By Lauren Freeman
Share your love for playing the piano and help us raise money for children in Ukraine


Throughout March, all of the revenue we make from our YouTube channel will be donated to Tabletochki – a charity in Ukraine that supports children with cancer. And we need your help!

We want to feature your piano playing on our YouTube channel to help boost donations. Perhaps you have a certain song that really means something to you, or a piece of music that helps lift your mood. Whatever it may be, we want to hear it.

How you can help

Send your video directly to: [email protected]If your video file is too big to attach to an email, please use WeTransfer. Include your details and any information you’d like us to share about the piece you are performing. We’ll then share our favourite videos on our YouTube channel.


  • No longer than 10 minutes
  • Any genre and any style of playing
  • Preferably filmed landscape, with no other text on the video
  • We encourage you to keep your camera still when recording and film in an area with good lighting


About Tabletochki

Tabletochki supports a child through every stage of cancer. Examination, diagnostics, search for and procurement of medicines, treatment coordination in Ukraine and overseas, psychological support and organization of special events for children ‒ all of this is done by Tabletochki team and their volunteers.

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With the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, children are struggling to get the treatment they need. Children with cancer undergoing chemotherapy and heavy treatment in hospitals are currently in double horror and stress. Most children are now being treated in damp, mouldy basements, which act as bomb shelters. For more information, please visit their website here

Music has an incredible gift of bringing people together from all over the world. Thank you in advance for playing your part!


Edit: This initiative is not linked in any way to the already existing @play_for_ukraine social media movement, which happens to use the same #PlayforUkraine hashtag.