Pianist magazine & chart-topping pianist Dominic Ferris to host Virtual Piano Workshop on 25 May

23 April 2021
By Ellie Palmer
Learn how to play Gershwin's Three Preludes


Join us LIVE on Zoom on 25 May at 7pm BST for a virtual piano workshop, where Steinway Artist Dominic Ferris will be demonstrating how to play Gershwin’s Three Preludes.

His projects have sold over 3 millions albums worldwide, making him the perfect teacher for this workshop.


Dominic gives a taster of what you can expect from the workshop

He will be breaking down the Three Preludes and looking in detail at various components, including:

✔ How to use phrasing to change the musical character within each prelude

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✔ Ways to practise left hand jumps to land quickly and accurately

✔ How to use accents and dynamics to get the most out of Gershwin’s swift character changes

✔ Hand-crossing and ways to make this technique feel natural

✔ How to get the most out of Gershwin’s melodies (particularly in the second prelude), allowing the pianist to connect and “sing” the tune as a human voice

✔ Gershwin and syncopation: exploring the mechanics of Gershwin’s harmonic language to create drama and theatre


Some of the playing techniques demonstrated in this lesson can also be applied to piano playing in general, making this a versatile workshop.

The workshop is approximately 1 hour long and will include time to ask questions. The Zoom call will be open from 6.30pm BST to give you time to log on. Attendees are not required to perform. Simply bring yourselves and a notepad, and you are good to go. A full schedule of the workshop will be added here on Monday 26 April.

See you there!