Pianist Lucy Parham at Kings Place on 4 October

16 September 2013
imports_PIA_0-9s4nlvxe-100000_05713.jpg Pianist Lucy Parham at Kings Place on 4 October
Concert pianist and long term <em>Pianist</em> contributor Lucy Parham will appear at Kings Place on 4th October, along with actors Joanna David and Martin Jarvis, in her words and music programme &#39;Beloved Clara&#39; ...

This programme of music and readings focuses on the intense relationships between Robert Schumann, his wife Clara Wieck Schumann and Johannes Brahms.

It brings their story to life, chronicling the sometimes troubled marriage of Clara and Robert, the arrival in their household of the dynamic 21-year-old Brahms, Robert’s decline into mental illness and the deepening relationship between Clara and Johannes – the exact nature of which has never been established.

Award-winning pianist Lucy Parham performs music by all three composers, interspersed with extracts from their letters and diaries, read by celebrated actors Joanna David and Martin Jarvis. Scripted by Lucy Parham.

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'A lovely entertainment, flawlessly performed' ***** 
- The Independent

Read up on the whole story at Lucy Parham's website.

Concert starts at 7.30pm, Hall One, Kings Place, London