Pianist album now available to stream on Spotify

21 January 2022
By Ellie Palmer
Good news! The CD that accompanies each issue of Pianist will now be additionally available to stream on Spotify.

Pianists Chenyin Li and Iago Núñez perform an array of Spanish themed music on the latest album including Le Couppey’s Spanish Air, Granados’s El Caminante, Freixas’s diu que una rosa and plenty more. The sheet music for each track, plus lessons on a handful of them, can be found inside the magazine.

Ever since issue 1 of Pianist, the magazine has been accompanied by an album of performances of the scores inside. However, with the emergence of streaming over the years – and the subsequent decline of CD usage – it made sense to be able to offer you the option of both. 

Start streaming Pianist 124 below 👇🏽

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*Please note, tracks 8 and 13 from the album are missing from Spotify due to copyright reasons. Please purchase a copy of Pianist 124 with the accompanying album in order to listen to these particular tracks.*