Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra makes music-making fun with videos for primary school children

22 June 2020
By Ellie Palmer
The Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra has launched #OPatHome, a six-week video series of entertaining and resourceful virtual music-making for primary school children.

In the series, members of the Orchestra introduce their instruments, tell stories, perform legendary musical excerpts, and suggest interactive activities to do at home, even if you don't play an instrument.

The series has been created by musicians from the Orchestra during lockdown in hopes of sending music, fun and creativity from their own homes to children watching at home and in school.

Interactive musical activities led by the players include making your own panpipes from paper straws, body percussion, and sound effects with kitchen utensils. Each video is accompanied by short worksheets with further tasks to encourage children to participate.

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Six videos are currently available including with Tony (flute), Basia (violin), Bryony (viola), Jules (percussion), and Sally (harp). The series is presented by Jamie, who is Sub-Principal 2nd Violin with the Orchestra.
A teacher using the videos commented: "Thank you so much for these videos. I used the first one today in my Year 6 class and it prompted some really great conversation. We all voted for our favourite piece, and each piece received at least one vote which led on to talking about the subjectivity of art."

Check out the #OPatHome videos below.