OUT NOW! Pianist magazine's Piano Buyer's Guide 2017

25 November 2016
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Our 80-page Guide, with over 115 pianos listed - FREE with the latest issue!

Note from the Editor, Erica Worth: 

Readers often approach me for advice when it comes to buying a piano, and of course I try my hardest to help out. The first obvious question is ‘who is the piano for?’ Some will be buying for a child in the family, some will be buying a first instrument for themselves, and others might want to upgrade to something bigger or just something different. Then, of course, there’s the delicate subject of price. We can’t all afford a concert grand (and who’s to say that everyone wants one!), so the list of requirements for each potential buyer is endless, as are the number of pianos out there.

In order to help out and make the piano-searching process a pleasant experience, I’ve spoke with all the top manufacturers and asked them to supply me with in-depth information on their most sought-after models – asking them all for a wide range of products too, that would cater to all types of piano players.

Here is the result: an 80-page Piano Buyer's Guide 2017.

It is laid it out into three distinct sections. We start off with uprights (pages 6-31), then grands (31-58) and lastly digitals (59 onwards). If you’re about to ask ‘what about hybrids?’, then give Gez Kahan’s informative article at the start of the Guide tells you all about the hybrid piano.

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Within each section we start off with the most reasonably priced models, moving on up to the ‘money’s no object’ price point.

I hope this Guide will prove to be the perfect reference for finding the piano of your dreams!